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Hey Buyers! Changes are in the Air

Some might say, there are “changes in the air,” or others might muse that the housing market is “shifting” or “making an adjustment” after a very tumultuous market during the pandemic. Incredibly low housing inventory and historically low interest rates combined to create the perfect storm of escalating prices, multiple offers and bidding wars for many properties.

Regardless of what you call it, we are seeing some definite changes in the housing market. Interestingly, these changes may actually have a positive impact on buyers who have endured unprecedented market frenzy.

Why might the current market benefit buyers?

• Inventory has increased. Many buyers struggled to buy a home last year with multiple offers and rapidly escalating prices. More inventory can naturally lead to greater options for buyers.

• Because buyer intensity has decreased, there are fewer bidding wars and with price reductions becoming more common, homes are often selling at list price or even below list price. Some sellers are even offering closing cost credit or interest-rate buy downs to entice buyers. We haven’t seen this type of incentives in several years!

• Although interest rates have risen from pandemic levels, there are many viable loan options to help a qualified buyer buy a home. Speak to a reputable loan agent to learn more. Need recommendations? Let’s talk!

My website offers great tips for buyers and a great e-book you can download for easy reference. And although we work with a variety of buyers, we are a tremendous resource for our Military brothers and sisters.

We specialize in working with Active Military Personal and Veterans using VA Loans. One of our recent sales was working with a veteran who was currently deployed overseas. Working with his wife, we were able to get into contract a week after returning from a year long deployment using facetime and lots of photos. It’s critical for military borrowers to use a Realtor who’s worked with VA loans and understands the program’s requirements.

We have great buyer's agents in both northern and southern California ready to serve all of your real estate needs.



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