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Do You Have a Dream?

Let’s make it come true!

The last few years have really taught us the value of home. During the pandemic, many homeowners became remote workers and envisioned what “living the dream” really means to them. In a recent survey, 27 percent of homeowners declared “buying their dream home” as a near-term goal.

However, before rushing out to find a “dream” home, the first step for would-be buyers is to determine how much mortgage they can actually afford because the number may be different than how much they qualify for.

Wait a minute! Is this a trick?

Living the “dream” can quickly lose its luster if you end up “house poor,” a term used to describe the lifestyle of someone buried by a mortgage payment so high there is no wiggle room to enjoy life. As you consider your payment, be sure that it is in line with your financial goals, plans, and lifestyle. Everyone needs to occasionally buy new furnishings and take a family vacation.

Now let’s talk about your dream home

The number one desire of most homeowners is a grand kitchen, followed by a great backyard with a pool and of course, a fabulous primary bedroom and spa-like ensuite.

If you wish, jot down your “wants” and create a dream home list. You might be surprised, though, that often the right home is more of a feeling. I’ve seen many buyers walk through the door of a home and they know immediately that they are “home.” It’s a good idea, then, to keep in mind that even a “dream” home may need a few changes to make it your own. So, stay open-minded, and visit neighborhoods that intrigue you but remain realistic about the costs and time involved in even minor upgrades.

Whether or not you have children, it's a good idea to buy a home in a good school district because it can positively affect the eventual resale value of your property. It’s most important to consider the things you can’t change such as lot size, distance from parks, highways, entertainment, and shopping.

One more thing

Your success involves selecting the right agent who understands your dreams and knows the local market inside and out. Rely on your Realtor’s experience and expertise to help you make a reasonable offer and negotiate on your dream.

I’d love to be your Sonoma County Realtor or Rancho Cucamonga Realtor to help you find your “dream” home!

With Sonoma County Realtors and Rancho Cucamonga Realtors on our team, we are ready to help you with your home buying or selling needs in both NorCal and SoCal. Give us a call today! 707.591.5309


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