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Sonoma County Market Report

We’ve had another great year at the Claros Team, and we are grateful for the

opportunities that we have had to serve you in 2022. As we ease into 2023, we are

even more excited about the possibilities that await the Sonoma County Real Estate


How is the Real Estate Market?

Since Spring 2022, the Sonoma County housing market has experienced a “correction,” which is not remotely like a crash, as experienced in 2008. Rather, home sales have moderated, but Sonoma County’s home prices remain up year-over-year. Sonoma County remains a coveted location for both investors and those seeking a great place to live and consistently ranks among the best locations for outdoor living, job growth, work/life balance, and for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch new businesses.

Buyers remain active in our area and because inventory is low, it may be a great time to

sell your home.

Is Winter a Good Time to List a Home?

Housing markets vary greatly by location, weather, and economic indicators. The Bay

Area housing market typically comes to life in mid-January and then quickly accelerates

in early spring: Generally, the “early spring” market in the Bay Area can ramp up in

February, so if you are considering a move in 2023, it might be a great idea to get

ahead of the competition.

Interested in Learning More?

Because correctly pricing, preparing, and marketing a home has never been more

important, it’s vital to have excellent advice from a trusted professional. Feel free to

browse my Seller Resources and call today. 707-636-4215


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