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It’s Fire Prevention Month: A Few Tips to Keep Safe

As residents of California, we are well-acquainted with the dangers of the fire season, which extends well into Fall. But fires can occur in a home at any time, so preparation is key!


Since October is National Fire Prevention Month it seems like a great idea to review a few safety tips that might make all the difference in keeping you and your loved ones safe in the face of a fire.

1. Every family needs an escape plan from their home during a fire. In case of fire, get out of the house, meet at a pre-designated place in your neighborhood and call 911. Never attempt to reenter a burning building.

2. Soak ashes from the fireplace or grill liberally with water. Stir the debris and soak it again to assure that no embers remain burning.

3. Make sure that smoke alarms are in every bedroom of your home and on every level of the home. Test them monthly and change the batteries when Daylight Savings Time ends. Replace smoke detectors every ten years and replace carbon monoxide detectors every 5-7 years.

4. Enjoy burning candles only when attended by adults. Never allow children to play with matches and lighters. And keep an eye on those Halloween jack-o-lanterns! Instead of candles, use push lights instead.

5. Keep fire extinguishers in an easily accessible place and teach everyone in the family how to use them.

6. Be careful with extension cords. Never run them under a rug or blankets and be careful not to plug too many into a single outlet.

7. Space heaters are great but can be dangerous when used inappropriately. Keep heaters at least 3 feet from furniture, drapes, or other flammable items.

8. Carefully inspect all holiday lights and inflatables every year to be sure that cords are in good condition

Looking for more fire safety tips? Click here for more great ideas to keep your home and family safe year-round!

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