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Feeling Snacky? Sonoma County Gravensteins to the Rescue. Check out the Delightful Fair this Weekend

Sonoma County is considered wine country, but since 1973, The Farm Trails has honored the “practically-perfect” Gravenstein Apple with the sweetest fair around!

The Gravenstein apple, with its notable stripes and sweet-tart flavor, has been grown in Sonoma County since the early 1800’s when Spaniards brought it to the area. The delicious fruit is ideal for a variety of purposes including pies, juice, cider, fritter and more. In fact, Luther Burbank, famed horticulturist described the apple as the ‘most exceptional apple of all for both flavor and versatility.’

He was right! Come on down to the Gravenstein Apple Fair to experience the flavors of the apple—and so much more. Live music will be featured on two different stages, you’ll enjoy food demonstrations, local vendors, artists and there’s even a kid’s area for the young folks.

You’ll ALSO enjoy the backdrop of beautiful Ragle Ranch for a practically-perfect day in Sonoma County.

To purchase tickets and to learn more about the fair, click here. If you just wish to buy apples, no tickets is required. Enquire at the gate!

Are you ready to try your hand at creating the perfect Gravenstein apple pie? Look no further! Try this recipe today

What: Gravenstein Apple Fair

Where: Ragle Ranch Park

When: August 13/14 10:00am-6:00pm

And enjoy snacking on your Sonoma County Gravs!

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