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Fall Home Projects with Great ROI!

The leaves may not yet be crunching below our feet, but with Fall just around the corner and cooler weather ensuing, many homeowners are considering a home project or two.

5: Fix the Roof

ROI: 50-110%

Not only does a new or repaired roof improve the aesthetics of a home, but it also provides unparalleled peace of mind for future buyers! Although a new or improved roof may not directly increase the sales price of your home, it may reduce points of negotiation during a sale.

4: Consider New Exterior Paint

ROI: 60-100%

Fall is a great time to give your exterior paint job a boost! Consider neutral colors if you are planning to sell soon. If the body of the house is in good condition, new paint trim could do the trick for instant curb appeal.

3: Repair that Deck

ROI: 80-100%

A poorly-maintained deck is a red flag for many buyers and may reflect negatively on the overall condition of a home. Take the time to replace old boards, paint or refinish the wood and decorate with pots and comfortable furniture. For many buyers, deck space is considered an extension of the actual living area in a home. Do it justice!

2: Knock Knock! Paint that Front Door

ROI 80-140%

Nothing says, “Welcome” like a newly painted front door. It’s an easy project that adds true curb appeal. While you’re on the front porch, decorate with pots and pumpkins to add a fall flair to your home.

1: Clean Those Gutters: Priceless!

It’s not very glamorous, but clean and well-functioning gutters are one of the easiest ways to avoid foundation damage and water intrusion as winter storms roll in. And it’s potentially free if you do it yourself.


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