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Fall Front Porch Décor to Die For!

The evenings are getting shorter and the air is getting crisper, signifying

that fall has finally arrived! Autumn is a great time to get the pool noodles

off of the front porch and to prepare our homes for the upcoming

holidays. Nothing is more welcoming for guests that a charming porch

display filled with pumpkins, flowers and fun!

I’m sharing a few cozy porch décor ideas as inspiration for preparing

your own home for fall. Consider materials that are easy to procure in

your area. If you enjoy visiting the pumpkin patch, it’s a great spot to pick

up pumpkins of all varieties, cornstalks and other fun items. While you’re

there, grab a few cornstalks, too.

Can’t make it to the pumpkin patch? No worries! Grocery stores and

home improvement centers are great places to find pumpkins and

flowers. Mums, the quintessential autumn flower are a MUST!

Fill containers with fall flower and surround with pumpkins of all

sizes. Choose from trick or treat containers, baskets, lanterns or even

pumpkins themselves to create a cheerful, festive entry. Feel free to sub

plastic pumpkins or artificial flowers for a longer-lasting display.

Stacked pumpkins topiaries will stop everyone in their tracks. To

secure real pumpkins, you may need to drill a hole to insert a “peg” to

secure the next pumpkin. Plastic pumpkins are readily available at a

craft store and will last for several seasons. Place the topiary in an urn

for added drama.

How about a modern twist for the cornstalk that you picked up at

the pumpkin patch? Check out this tall, linear stack to accent your porch.

It’s a clean aesthetic that will last until after Thanksgiving.

It’s never wrong to keep it simple. You simply can’t go wrong

with a gorgeous fall wreath.

Enjoy this magical season filled with delight!


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